Balticbest 2017 gala & afterparty: come and celebrate creativity!

Madis Nestor

The winners of the 4th pan-Baltic advertising festival Balticbest 2017 will be announced in the evening of August 30 in Tallinn. 

The Baltic Agency of the Year will be nominated during the event. Lithuanians have won the title for 3 years in a row, let's see where it goes this year!

Come and celebrate creativity with great music, food and wine! Get Balticbest 2017 gala tickets here: 

The musical atmosphere of the gala will be created by the famous Estonian DJ Madis Nestor.

Madis Nestor, also known as Mr. Nestor, is the owner of the Biit Me Record Store in Tallinn where he sells only vinyl records and counsels melomaniacs as well as newcomers. His collection, the thousands of records, contains music from house to boogie and surprises even experienced party animals.

Mr. Nestor recently celebrated his 20 years of DJ anniversary with a music marathon where he played music for 20 hours in a row. He is one of the few Estonians who has graduated from the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy, specializing in alternative dance music.

The Balticbest award gala starts at 8 pm and lasts until midnight, after which the new famous Estonian indie rock group - The Boondocks - comes to the stage:

Get Balticbest 2017 gala tickets here: 

Venue: Vaba Lava Theatre, Telliskivi Street 60a, C1, Tallinn, Estonia.

Gala menu:

Main course:

Chicken fillet in mango and ginger sauce


Steamed flatfish fillet from Saaremaa with white wine and sorrel sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes

Hot side courses:

Steamed and then roasted potatoes with red pesto. Oven baked vegetables - Romanesco cabbage, parsley root, carrot, mini pumpkin.

Cold dishes:

Multigrain buns, fruit bread and savoury butter

Savoury pork tenderloin with Tonnato sauce

Marinated chicken fillet with safran in tempura pastry with chilli and tomato sauce

Marinated Baltic herring, roasted rye-bread and beetroot cream

Baked salmon rose with broccoli

Baked tomatoes with boletus salad

Roasted zuccini with goat cheese and pumpkin seeds

"Waldorf" salad with rostbeef and red wine marmelade

Crab and beef tongue salad with fresh vegetables

Green salad with caramelized plums, roasted hazelnuts and chokeberry coulis





Spring water with cranberries, apple juice, coffee, tea